Migration Requisites

To fulfill your migration request we just need the below details:

Customer ID –
Package Type–
Primary Domain Name –
Plan Type –
Duration –
Hosting Server location –

Once we have the above details, we will verify the package for certain pre- requisites (listed below). Rest assured, once verified, we will try to finish migrating your content in the following 48- 72 hours. This may take longer depending on the number of accounts and disk space being used.

Pre- requisites and post migration steps

*Your websites should be running on cPanel
*Reseller Hosting: Upto 50 cPanel Accounts will be migrated free of cost- Additional accounts will be migrated at a reasonable cost of USD 1 per account
*Multi-Domain Hosting: All domains hosted on the package should belong to one entity only.
*In case of Cloud Hosting, only the website linked with the primary domain name will be migrated.
*Sites utilizing more than 4 GB of disk space will not be migrated- Please delete any unnecessary back up files to reduce utilized disk space
*Once the content has been migrated then you should immediately take care of DNS changes to avoid any data inconsistencies, especially with database driven websites

Our migration team will try and keep your involvement and effort required to a minimum. However, incase of complex sites, few additional post-migration steps might be needed from your end.

Please note that the Sales Team does not work on weekends. However, our Support Team is available 24*7*365. In case of any query during the weekends, you can contact them.