How to setup email hosting in Itsmydomain

Custom email hosting Itsmydomain

Login to your Account with your credentials you created while buying our services.

Step 1: Login 


You will see the above screen after logging into your account.

Step 2: Go to Manage Orders–>List/Search Ordersmanage-profile

Step 3: You will see this screen (below), Where you need to select your service by clicking on “blue link”List of Orders

Step 4: Here you will see all your services that are active or that you can upgrae to.

Manage email

Step 5:¬†Now click on the Name Server Details to get the name servers that you need to put in your domain name provider’s DNS zone and change their name servers with ours. And that’s it!

5th email-page


Note: It may take sometime 24hrs to 72 hrs to get properly redirected to your domain name.

To Create your own email accounts of your choice, go to “MANAGE EMAIL ACCOUNTS” to create and change other relevant settings.

Refer to the following links, if your Domain name is registered with (other than Itsmydomain):

For Namecheap

For Godaddy