How to Migrate your website FROM another host TO Itsmydomain

know the process of migrating a website from one host to another

This article will help you migrating your website from your previous host to Itsmydomain. If your previous hosting provider had cPanel then you can also read migration with cpanel.

The time of migration of a website completely depends upon the number of databases to be migrated and upon the total size of the files to be migrated.

Following are the steps which should be followed and kept in mind before you start the migration process:

Evaluate your Site
The first thing you need to do before migrating is to evaluate your files and databases of your website, which are to be migrated. So that you know the structure of files and their locations.

Also, you need to start taking backups of your files and databases, before you start migration.

Download your Website Files

The next step is to download the backup and other files from your previous host to your computer. You should do it using FTP only (Recommended).

Export your Website Databases

Now you need to start creating backup for all of your databases. You can do this taking the help of your previous web host.

If your previous hosting provider provides you phpmyadmin then you can follow is article.

And you can refer to this article to take backup/export a Database from SSH

Upload your Website Files and Import your Databases

At this stage you can start uploading you files using FTP into your public_html directory of your Itsmydomain’s hosting.

Now, to upload the databases into your new host (Itsmydomain) you need to create the databases with cPanel and then start importing your database backup using phpMyAdmin.

Test your Website

After successfully uploading your files and importing the databases, now is the time to check you website using temporary url. If this testing doesn’t work then you can start editing your file structure accordingly.

Setup your Email

If you have business email accounts, then you need to set them up again, to keep on working properly after the change.

If you currently point your email (MX records) to a third party email service such as Google, you’ll need to update the MX records in your Itsmydomain Hosting cPanel and ensure “remote mail exchange” is set. No email accounts need to be created on our servers as they reside on the third party providers servers.

Point your Domain

Now is the time to point your domain with the nameservers provided by us in the mail and provided in our hosting panel.

Test your Website Again

Since the steps taken to migrate are almost complete, you need to test your website again. Though after changing the nameservers in your domain name, it takes 24hours for the changes to properly take place. Still you can check the website in every 6-10 hours until 24 hours are completed.