How to invite all the Facebook friends in 1 click


Social media marketing has emerged as a finest tool for attracting potential customers/viewers for our online business.

But there is a problem which almost every digital marketer at its early stage experiences is: sending invitation to all his/her facebook friends to increase the fan following of your business/brand page on facebook selecting each of them individually.

Well .. every problem has its own solution and we are going to solve your problem by telling you a simple solution.

Steps to How to invite all the Facebook friends in 1 click

Step 1: Search for “Invite All friends on Facebook” on google/bing


Invite All Friends on Facebook Google Search


Step 2: Select any of the app for your chrome browser


Invite All Friends on Facebook Google Search1


Step 3: You will see this screen, where you need to add the extension to your chrome.
Invite All Friends on Facebook Chrome Web Store2


Step 4: Now after installing the extension you will see a tick mark on the right top corner of your browser.

All you have to do now is to just go to the “invite your friends page” and click on the tick mark.


how to invite fb friends

It will automatically select all the friends and will send the page like invitation to all.

So next time when you are going to invite your friends to increase your fan following of the page, you don’t have to select each and every friend and send invitation to each of them individually, especially when you have a large no. of friends in your fb friends list.