How to get started with our Business Email plan

Custom email hosting Itsmydomain

To start using Itsmydomain’s business email services or webmail, you need to change your domain name’s Name Servers to ours.

1. Login to your customer panel with us:

After logging in, you will find this screen-


2. Go to Manage Orders, and click on list/search orders to see the list of services you have with us:


3. Now click on the business email service visible on your screen:

List of Orders


4. Now you will see a long page of services. scroll down to Business Email section:


Manage email

5. To create a new email id of yours click on Manage Email Accounts, to see the mail dashboard:

manage emails

6. This is the mail dashboard where you can add user/account/alias, etc and can edit your user profile for emails.

To create a new email id, click on Add User


7. Now enter the credentials to add a new user/mail account e.g. 

Now click on Add User after filling the complete details. This will create a new email id to your Account.


Now, if you want to use it on webmail you need not to do anything, just open and enter the username and password you have created in the above procedure.

Note:For security purposes, the first email password is randomly generated by the system itself which you can change following the process mentioned in How to change your Webmail’s password

If you want to use it on gmail as your webclient refer to this article:

If you have your domain name is not registered with Itsmydomain, then you have to change your domain name’s Nameservers with our Nameservers.

You can find our Nameservers and other configurational help here:

5th email-pagefor Godaddy users: How to change Name Servers in Godaddy

You can also ask your query in the comment box below, feel free to ask.