How to build a website

how to build a website on your own

Building a website seem to be a tedious job until you don’t have much idea about from where to start building it. People generally opt for a website designer to get their website designed.

Yes it is good to do that, still you need to know what are the basic steps for getting your website designed, so that you are well aware of what your designer is charging you for and how much time it is gonna consume.

Or in the other case if you are willing to design your website all on yourself, then you will get to know how to and where to start the process.

Step 1:

The very first step that you need to do is to find out the domain name of your choice and that is most suitable for your blog/business.

Step 2:

Second step is to make sure if your domain name is pointing to a web hosting account. Web hosting space should be taken according to your requirement.

For example:

Itsmydomain is a great choice for beginners, as it gives you the option to start with the most basic web hosting plan and then upgrade to the higher plans according to the requirements at any time.

Step 3: Choose the Right framework for building your website

  1. Use Itsmydomain’s DIY (Do It Yourself) website builder:

Itsmydomain provides you the easiest way to build your website with DIY website builder it requires no web designing skills, no coding and no tedious looking job. All you have to do is to just pick up a theme from the 1500+ themes and then just drag and drop the components.

2. Use Impressly Website Builder: Quickly create an app like website! Use social media content or start from scratch to setup your site, using the latest technology in market.

3. Use a CMS like WordPress/Joomla: If you have some technical knowledge then you can opt for wordpress to create your own website. If you have web hosting plan with Itsmydomain then you can install wordpress easily in you cpanel and start building your own website.

You can either use the free themes of wordpress or you can go for the premium themes. You can install your theme from the Appearance section in WordPress.

4. Build from scratch: If you have made your mind to design your website all on your own, then we would like to suggest you to refer W3schools and CodeAcademy. Both of these website will provide you enough information to start building a website, it may take some time to build it but it will be helpful.

Step 4: Uploading/Launching website

After successfully designing the website upload the website to the web hosting account, or if designed online, it is time to make it online.