How to access your Virtuozzo Power Panel on VPS

how to access your virtuozzo power panel on VPS

If you’ve purchased a VPS Linux Hosting, you can control the server container using the Virtuozzo Power Panel. You can access this panel easily. Here’s how you do it:

Login to your user account with Itsmydomain


You will now see a dashboard of your services and billings

Hover the MANAGE ORDERS and click on the List/Search Orders

Click on the domain name associated with your VPS Linux Hosting

This will take you to a page where you see your hosting package details

Click on “Admin Details”

Click on the URL that you see below Virtuozzo Power Panel (VZ)

Confirm the security exception on your browser and Proceed

Enter your server root credentials that were sent to you at the time of purchase and click on “Log In”

vps virtuazzo
That’s it. The screen that will be visible to you is the Virtuozzo Power Panel from where you can control your server container.