Difference between Linux hosting and Windows hosting


Linux and Windows are basically two types of Operating Systems that are installed on the Server machines to operate them.

Windows has its own cool features, depending upon the scripts and applications that you are going to run on those servers.

Generally Web designers do not prefer Windows hosting until unless they need to run some specific windows applications.

So, before you choose a hosting service, make sure you know your requirements well.

For choosing well, we are gonna tell you what benchmarks you should keep in mind before buying a web hosting service:

Go for Windows hosting, if you need any of the applications listed below.

following are some Windows specific applications which require a Windows server:

  • MS Access
  • Visual Basic development
  • Remote Desktop (in dedicated servers only)

If you think you are going to run any of them, then your choice should be Windows based hosting.

If not, then Linux is always the best option.


If you think you are going to use :

  • PHP,
  • Perl,
  • WordPress, Blogging Software,
  • MySQL, etc

on your web host, then your choice should be Linux Hosting without any doubt.

Linux in most of the cases seems to be more compatible and secure than Windows. Linux is also rich in features that most of the web designers need.

Moreover, there is a common misconception among the customers using windows on their computer. They think, since they are using Windows in their computers, Windows hosting will be more compatible and easy to use. But this is completely a wrong concept. There is nothing to do between what Operating System you are using in your computer and the Operating System used in Web Hosting Server.

Conclusion is: If your requirements fit the Windows specific Applications, then Windows hosting is better option. On the other hand if you think you are going to use any of the aforementioned scripts, then go for Linux Web Hosting.

We offer both Linux as well as Windows based web hosting, shared as well as VPS/Dedicated Servers.